1. What to do when that Google error occurs?
    This error is totally unrelated to Dataslayer.
    When this happens to you please, logout from all Google accounts an try using Google Sheets logged in with just one account.
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  3. How to schedule report refresh?
    To refresh your queries you need to select the icon on the top of the add-on.
    If you want to schedule it, click on the option marked below:
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    A pop up window will come up where you can select how often do you want your query to be refreshed and if you want to receive an e-mail once the refresh has done successfully:

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  5. How to build a report using the drag and drop?
    Select the metric you want, drag it to the corresponding field and then drop it.

  6. How to compare date range?
    You can create a new query based on a different date range by clicking on the current date selection:
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    Then, select the new date range and change the row dimensions accordingly (in this case by month) by dragging the wished dimension and dropping it in the “row” field.

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    Once you have selected your new date range, click where you want to put it on your Google sheet and click “Generate Table”.