New Support Portal for all our users!

Our mission is to make a data collection tool that is equal to Supermetrics for all core APIs, but with custom features based directly on our user’s feedback. And because their feedback is so important, we have created a new sup...

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Dataslayer: A Free PPC Reporting Tool for digital marketing Campaigns

Deploying good quality business management tools plays a significant role to ensure your business growth. This helps you uncover fruitful insights, automate time-consuming tasks, and make more money to extend your business. Managing a PPC campaign...

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Why PPC Reporting Tool Is Important For Every Digital Marketer?

PPC marketing is considered the most dominant form of digital marketing that benefits almost all sorts of business. Whether you are a digital marketing expert or a seasoned marketing veteran, opting for PPC marketing strategies allows you to hit y...

Posted on 9/21/20, 9:56 AM READ MORE How it all started

Being a company of developers, we are constantly looking for ideas that fill market gaps and solve professional needs. Most of our most successful tools started trying to solve the needs of our current clients and 

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PPC Reporting Tool: The Best Alternative to Supermetrics

If you are planning to opt for PPC advertising for your small business, then it is time to define the metrics that you tend to hit. It is quite imperative to figure out these expectations and ensure that the paid advertising tactics can drive the ...

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Create PPC Reports with Free PPC Reporting Tool

When it comes to PPC management, every business manager finds ways to streamline project delivery during the dreaded end of the month. It is quite daunting and time consuming for PPC managers to create their own custom reports in Data Studio and G...

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Using Data for Story Telling

The power of data is the combination of numbers and the story they tell.  To move from a data collector, to becoming a most useful data reporter the 2 skills that should be developed are the accumulation of useful data, and the presentation o...

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The Quiet Revolution of Data Unity Post author

A key benefit of the Dataslayer platform is the ability to pull data from various sources into one sheet. This is a quiet revolution, one that should be televised, and not taken for granted.If we think back 5 years, the ability to do t...

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