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Built for Performance Agencies, we are the best Supermetrics alternative

* Fast: Import data from Adwords, Facebook and many other
sources directly into Google Sheets
* Customised: Create custom reports and schedule daily data refreshes
* Easy to use: Drag and Drop functionality
* Economical: Lowest pricing model as you scale into multiple users


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On our third FREE Webinar we had Tom, from Atomic 212, showing us some of his time saving hacks when creating PPC reports with A must see for all marketers who want to be more efficient at reporting. .

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Choose Dataslayer because

  • You build, create and customise automated reports for all your online marketing campaigns directly in GSheets
  • You can share unlimited user access within one licence
  • We have lower costs than all main alternatives – pricing is based on usage not users

Our pricing is based on api calls and typical API call volumes for agencies. We do not want you sharing a single login to avoid licence costs. We provide unlimited users and audit trails for each user activity.
Juan, founder of Dataslayer

Stop wasting time with manually pulling data from Adwords and Facebook for your reports. LIfe is faster, smarter and easier with DataSlayer.

With Dataslayer you can create digital marketing dashboards that suit your exact requirements; for social media dashboards, search engine marketing, YouTube ads, or any other type of data, our digital marketing reporting tool can help you gather the data in one place and start analyzing it with one click!

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Its super easy to create reports and update them automatically in Google Sheets.

Marketing metrics

We fetch data from Google Ads, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google DV360, Google Search Console, DCM, Microsoft Advertising, Criteo, YouTube and BigQuery.


We are working through new APIs, please vote below and we will prioritise the next ones…


Privacy Policy

Every app that Google approves must go through a strict security & privacy approval process, including When you first install the add-on, you will be asked to allow access to a few basic permissions so that the add-on can work properly. It is completely safe to give these permissions since we do not have access to view any of the information stored in your Gsheets nor any of your saved API information. All of your spreadsheet and API information is stored in your Google servers. Nothing is passed or stored in DataSlayer servers.

Exclusive support from our reporting experts
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Dataslayer’s Enterprise plan includes your own dedicated account manager. A professional with years of experience in performance marketing, available to help you reach all your reporting goals. We want our users to have the best experience creating visual, striking and effective reports with Dataslayer, and that’s why our customer support is ready and keen to help.


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